ICESS, a beautiful yet insecure girl goes to a white sandy island for college with her friend CATRIONA. They search for a doorway to dreams. Icess finds power and connection with nature in water, sand and shadow. Christmas lights cover the tropical buildings where she dances in the warm breezes of youth. She meets powerful, dark, magnetic AFI, native to another island and prince of Black Sand.

Afi left his Black Sand Island to study at college before becoming chief. He is not suppose to fall in love. Real passion is reflected in ocean winds when they swim to a deserted island. She learns about his traditions and he learns about her childhood in an orphanage.

When Icess gives up independence to Afi, things get intense. She does not realize what is happening. Will he help her find outward beauty and inner strength? She is drawn to another man, BRIDGES, tall, gentle and poetic. Still she closes herself to the truth. In her struggle for resolution Icess is watched and assisted by the ocean breezes. Will the elements and the strength of her human spirit succeed?

Escalating challenges are reflected in Black Sand. Cultural power needs healing from crisis. She desires to be let go, to be able to flow in liquid freedom of dreams.

Lisa Finder keeps the reader engaged with unique descriptions, ethereal mystery, and the romance of tender young first-love. Her descriptions, enhanced by the talented illustrations of Amy Finder, take you to the South Pacific and inside the dreams of Icess. She must choose between the all-consuming and mesmerizing A Icess gifts include seeing people’s aura’s. The colors she sees sets of tingles in the readers spine.      Black Sand weaves in social and cultural issues without being preachy. While reading I felt the wind in my hair, the fire on my skin, the sand between my toes and the ocean surrounding me. This novel is very sensual.

Lisa Finder has been writing since before she could walk, thanks to child-safe edible crayons. She has always wanted to be an author and has enslaved her oldest daughter so she has time to write. Lisa, a former Miss Canada preliminary contestant, now lives with her husband and four children in Arizona. She has a bachelor in English. She lived in Hawaii on the beach writing poems, living in her car, and eating fruit from the trees. Then she moved to a penthouse because, let’s face it, a car is just too small. Since poems are just too short, she’s an author of novels with things for humans to find.

Lisa is the founder of the White Lions Foundation, providing natural supplements to cancer patients. She posted an article on the GPS Blog about writing Black Sand and the founding and purpose of White Lions last summer.


Sandra Grey has proven to be an excellent author who exposes historical facts with romance and suspense mixed in. Grey’s shows horror of Stalin’s diabolical rule and her poignant prose touches the heart. The plot is filled with twists and challenges for the characters that involve the forced repatriation of the USSR, secret bomb factories staffed by kidnapped scientists and heart wrenching orphanage situations caused by the evil men in power.  The settings include England, France, Moscow, Siberia, and Japan. Grey’s ability to craft a a story compels the reader to keep turning pages from the beginning to the very end. Trespass is the third book I’ve read by this author and she is on my favorite list. I will definitely be looking for future novels by this talented writer.

Back Cover Copy:

Lieutenant Viktor Rostov warned them not to cross him. If Hans Brenner had listened, Natalie Allred might not have disappeared — and Hans might not be lying mortally wounded, his life forfeit to the Soviet MGB. All Hans wanted was to marry his sweetheart in America. But that was before an agreement between Hans and U.S. intelligence goes horribly wrong.

Lieutenant Rostov has no choice; with his daughter, Lucya, sentenced to a Siberian death camp in a governmental power play, he must deliver Hans or risk losing Lucya forever. To preserve Lucya’s life, Hans must help the Soviets build a bomb, and Natalie must swear allegiance to the motherland and to Rostov himself. Escape seems impossible within the iron grip of the secret police. And when the MGB begins to suspect betrayal, Hans and Natalie’s survival will hinge on two people. One must trespass against the laws of a nation that gave him a second chance, and the other must make a heart-wrenching choice: trespass against his country or against his heart.

Trespass is available for sale in LDS bookstores and on Amazon.