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Several ANWA members will be signing books at the Latter Day Cottage in Tucson Thursday January 27th – Saturday January 29th. Our book event will be in conjunction with Living Scriptures visiting the LDS bookstore in Tucson the last week of January, 2011.

American Night Writers Association (ANWA) is a unique network  of LDS women who are writers.

7012 East Broadway Boulevard
Tucson, AZ 85710

Store Hours: 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM

Schedule of ANWA authors and books.

Thursday January 27th, 2011:

  • Cindy R. Williams and her award winning children’s snuggle-giggle picture book Chase McKay Didn’t Get Up Today.
  • Carroll Hofeling Morris co-author of Leaning into the Curves and the Company of Good Women Series

Friday January 28th, 2011:

  • Joan Sowards, author of The Star Prophecy – BOM fiction, Chocolate Roses – romance, and Haunts Haven an LDS ghost story. PM
  • Janette Rallison popular YA author, and writer of Sierra St. James LDS romance books. Will be offering give aways and discounts.       PM
  • Anna Arnett author of Lolly’s Yarn, a memoir; and Mark Arnett producer of award winning documentary, Baby Boomerang.     PM

Saturday January 29th, 2011:

  • Anna Arnett author of Lolly’s Yarn, a memoir; and Mark Arnett producer of award winning documentary, Baby Boomerang.    AM
  • Joan Sowards, author of The Star Prophecy – BOM fiction, Chocolate Roses – romance, and Haunts Haven an LDS ghost story. AM
  • Margaret Turley, author of Save the Child, a novel about parents rights to choose their children’s healthcare.                                    All Day

Come listen to readings and get your own personally autographed book. Books are wonderful gifts for every occasion.

Today’s post is an interview with Kaylee Baldwin. Her newly released novel, Meg’s Melody is available at Amazon or Barnes& The story combines romance with redemption and real conflict to remind you it’s never too late to find joy. I personally love music and so when I found out the protagonist does also and the plot takes her through some of the same challenges I’ve had to face I was drawn to the book immediately and feel that it will appeal to a broad audience.
Margaret: Who is your publisher and why did you choose them?
Kaylee: My publisher is Cedar Fort. Sometimes I feel like they chose me! I submitted my novel to them because they publish LDS books, and I have always loved reading the books they put out. Also, their covers are amazing.
Margaret: How do you choose your characters’ names?

Kaylee: I love choosing character names! Meg is one of my all-time favorite girl names, but it is also the name of my husband’s ex-girlfriend (you know, the one right before me, that we don’t really talk about.) So, naming a child Meg was nixed, but I can name my characters whatever I want.

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