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Margaret Turley, author of Save the Child, an experienced registered nurse of 30+ years experience is available to speak to health care organizations, parent organizations, physicians, book clubs, church groups and other interested parties regarding the topic of Parent’s Rights to Make Choices in their Children’s Healthcare.

Group discounts available for orders of Save the Child.

Those who would like more information about Save the Child or ask for her to speak to their organization may contact her via

Margaret Turley has been named an expert nurse curator on .

Organizing resources shared by health experts, advocates, and organizations into WisdomCards.

Margaret Turley is also the administrator for Writers Unite to Fight Cancer. The group consists of authors who have banned together to help raise money for cancer research. Today’s cancer researchers are on the verge of life-saving discoveries. But what scientists desperately need are the funds required to mount an all-out assault against cancer. One in three people will develop cancer during their life. 1,529,560 people in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer and more than 7.6 million people around the world will die from cancer in a year. Writers Unite to Fight Cancer has chosen the American Association for Cancer Research( as our charity because of their innovative approach to the battle for our lives. We invite published authors to join our cause. We are planning various fund-raising events in Arizona. Participating authors donate a portion from their book sales at each event to the AACR. If you are interested in joining our philanthropic efforts please e-mail me at:


My friend Lisa Finder wrote an excellent article that was posted today: Dreams Come to Life. It started me thinking about all the authors I’ve become acquainted with in the past twelve years since I joined ANWA and have been taking creative writing classes. Each one has penned their dreams, hopes and aspirations in their own unique way.

One particular individual who is not only making her own dreams come true but is helping many others achieve their goals is my book producer, Dr. Pamela R. Goodfellow.  A book producer not only needs to be savvy in literary industry, but needs to be innovative and confident enough to take risks. Observing the fine dance that Dr. Pamela R. Goodfellow performs while weaving together the efforts of authors, designers, formatters, printers, illustrators, and graphic artists has been an education all of its own.

Dr. Goodfellow uses her keen intellect and skills in psychology to calm the overly anxious, encourage the shy and reluctant, and train our words into beautiful prose.  Currently Pamela is juggling nine author’s projects for a total of ten books to be presented in the Goodfellow Publishing Services Book Launch Celebration. She has rallied the troupes to join in a common cause while they honor their each other’s accomplishments: Writers Unite to Fight Cancer.  I am happy to be part of this group so that I can help to achieve victory in the war on cancer. It is a whole different way to launch an attack against this dreaded disease – through love, compassion and unity.

I invite all my friends to join us at the Goodfellow Publishing Book Launch Celebration on September 25th, 2010. The event will be held at the Shenandoah Mills in Gilbert from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm.  We will be holding a silent auction to benefit the American Association for Cancer Research. All the authors will also be contributing a portion of their book sales toward this cause. For those who cannot attend but would like to help, we are accepting donations online.

Dare to Dream Big and make it come true.

Thank you,

Margaret Larsen Turley

author of  Save the Child