Save the Child

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia changes the lives of the Johnson family. Not only does the cancer devastate the life of eight year old Sharon, but it rips the struggling family’s lives apart. It makes them examine their values as well as their faith as they battle to save their daughter.

This story explores the timely topics of conventional medicine compared to alternative healthcare and parents rights verses the current legal system and government bureaucracies.

Untold Scripture Stories

Two friends seek answers to their problems from a traveling man who spoke in parables. The fate of the woman whom Christ forgave adultery. The ten lepers, who they were, and where they came from. The mother of the prodigal son. Plotting betrayal. The Canaanite mother. The Samaritan woman at the well. The woman who touched Christ’s hem. The unanswered puzzles about names, circumstances and the reasons for many of the stories mentioned in passing in the New Testament have always intrigued the author. In Untold Scripture Stories Margaret Larsen probes the possibilities and reveals her understanding of eight of these historical accounts.

Legend of Circle Stone
One day I found a lovely Luna moth resting on a screen door. Its beauty inspired me to write a children’s story that involved a magic moth.  One summer my flower garden was visited by hummingbird moths. I imbued my magic moth with the majestic beauty of the Luna moth and the flight capability of the hummingbird moth.

I have always been fascinated by the Superstition Mountains.  While researching the area to place my magic moth story I found an aerial shot of the actual Circle of Stones that exist on top of the a mountain in the Superstition Range.  No one knows what the purpose for this Circle of Stones was, but looking at the photo I felt it must have mystical powers associated with it.

The Secret of Circle Stone is the story of a twelve year old girl who rescues Stripes, a colorful caterpillar and is accidentally exposed to a toxic dose of pesticide and goes into shock. Stripes transforms into a magic moth and guides her on a mission of self discovery and healing that leads to Circle Stone.

Between Carolyn’s fantasy adventures realistic hospital scenes are told from her point of view.  She wrestles with the physical challenges of having no control of her body while her essence gains confidence and knowledge from her struggles on the way to Circle Stone.