Today’s post is an interview with Kaylee Baldwin. Her newly released novel, Meg’s Melody is available at Amazon or Barnes& The story combines romance with redemption and real conflict to remind you it’s never too late to find joy. I personally love music and so when I found out the protagonist does also and the plot takes her through some of the same challenges I’ve had to face I was drawn to the book immediately and feel that it will appeal to a broad audience.
Margaret: Who is your publisher and why did you choose them?
Kaylee: My publisher is Cedar Fort. Sometimes I feel like they chose me! I submitted my novel to them because they publish LDS books, and I have always loved reading the books they put out. Also, their covers are amazing.
Margaret: How do you choose your characters’ names?

Kaylee: I love choosing character names! Meg is one of my all-time favorite girl names, but it is also the name of my husband’s ex-girlfriend (you know, the one right before me, that we don’t really talk about.) So, naming a child Meg was nixed, but I can name my characters whatever I want.

Margaret: Do you have an acquaintance, family member or friend that you molded your main characters after?

Kaylee: That’s funny that you bring that up! I didn’t think so, but my friends and family think otherwise. My husband swears that he bears a striking resemblance to Matt Wilkes, one of the love interests in the story. Also, my friend noticed that Tom, Meg’s brother-in-law, looks and acts a lot like my own brother-in-law. In the book, Tom is married to a woman named Missy, and that was a childhood nickname of my brother-in-law’s wife. Guess my subconscious was hard at work! Makes me wonder who will inadvertently pop up in my next book….
Margaret: Does Cedar Fort offer editorial services and was that helpful?
Kaylee:I had an editor assigned to me. She was wonderful! Basically, the process went like this: My editor read it and made any mechanical or word choice changes that were needed then had another editor read through it as well, they then emailed me with a list of story problems that I needed to change. I sent them back 11 pages of changes that I made, then had two more editors read through it before it went to the printers. My book is a lot more polished because of their efforts.
Margaret: Are you pleased with the service Cedar Fort provided?
Kaylee: Cedar Fort was great to work with. I am very pleased with how Meg’s Melody turned out. I would definitely recommend that authors submit to them.
Margaret: Do you have a website, what is the URL and how do you prefer to be contacted by fans and readers?
Kaylee: My Website is I love to hear from readers! You can email me at

Thank you for doing this interview! It was a lot of fun.