Mother and daughter team Donna Richards and Shelly Rice co-authored CHRISTMAS TREASURES FROM THE HEART. This was their first book, and they didn’t know how to go about finding someone to edit, illustrate, publish and promote their book. First they had a couple friends edit the manuscript and then they looked around for a publisher.  They attended the ANWA writers conference met Dr. Pamela Goodfellow of Goodfellow Publishing Services. She provided assistance with all their needs from A to Z and their book CHRISTMAS TREASURES FROM THE HEART will be released on September 25 2010, at the Goodfellow Publishing Book Services Launch Celebration.

Donna loved spending time together on the project with her daughter Shelly. Donna credits Shelly for  spearheading the writing of the book. Now that it is done and will be available to friends and family and the general public, they are pleased and grateful they completed the project.

In the spirit of service that has played a huge role in their lives, Donna and Shelley joined with seven other GPS authors and Pamela Goodfellow to form Writers Unite to Fight Cancer. All of them have been touched by cancer. Their  sister-in-law and a dear friend passed away due to breast cancer. They agreed with the others to take part in helping combat, raise awareness and find a cure for this dreadful disease. During the GPS Book Launch Celebration there will be a fundraiser silent auction and 50/50 raffle to benefit the American Association for Cancer Research, AACR. One of the authors, Lisa Finder is the founder of the White Lions Foundation, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to research & education in alternative cancer therapies and provides nutritional supplements directly to cancer patients.

They hope that their story will inspire other writers who have special family traditions to share them in some fashion with the reading public. This is the kind of book that is given as a gift or purchased with intent to adopt some of the activities. It is a book that will be passed down to children and grandchildren as a treasured keepsake.  They as well as the other authors will be donating a portion of their book sales to the AACR.  They invite you to  join them in celebrating their publishing achievement by making a donation to Writers Unite to Fight Cancer. Every dollar helps.