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Have Fun!

PRIZE: Queen in Exile, (fantasy romance), autographed by author

QUESTION: The princess must rely upon her magic to save whom?

(Hint: Look under “Bookshelf” tab)



WINNER:  Amber Nielson of Vermont.

ANSWER: Herself and her people from death and tyranny

PRIZE: Awakening Avery (women’s fiction), autographed copy

QUESTION: Avery’s signal that she isn’t handling her husband’s death very well comes to her when she tosses what into what?

(Hint: Look under “books &reviews, then click on the cover to Awakening Avery

and read the first chapter)



WINNER: Barbara Stilwell
ANSWER: The remote into the TV
  • June 3 SPONSOR: E.A. West

PRIZE: Riley’s Mission (PDF: romantic suspense)

QUESTION: Where does Jade sit after she sees Aziz Khadoul?

(Hint: Click on “Books” tab, then on “excerpt” link for Riley’s Mission)



WINNER: Judy Cox of Louisiana
ANSWER: An empty wheelchair

  • June 4 SPONSOR: Jenna Dawlish

PRIZE: Sprig of Thyme (Victorian romance), autographed copy

QUESTION: What is the name of the hero in Jenna’s first novel Love Engineered?

(Check out “The Library” tab)



WINNER: Ginny Romney of Arizona


June 5 SPONSOR: Rachael Renee Anderson

PRIZE: Divinely Designed (contemporary LDS romantic comedy), autographed copy QUESTION: What is the title of Rachael’s second book, being released in August?

(Hint: scroll down to Rachael’s “Goodreads” titles on the right hand sidebar))



WINNER: Karin Tillotson of Pennsylvania

ANSWER: Luck of the Draw


June 6 SPONSOR: Linda Kay Garner

Prize: Some Secrets Hurt (picturebook), autographed copy, plus a handmade cuddling blanket.

This picture book is for all ages.  It is simple enough to be understood by a very young child, meaningful enough to appeal to teenagers, informative enough to be helpful to parents, and powerful enough to reach out to a wounded adult.

QUESTION: The only thing worse than finding out that your child is being sexually abused is ____ ____ ____?

(Hint: Listen to 5 minute KSL TV interview on the right side of the website or download the free Parents’ Guide)



WINNER: Laura Lewis of North Carolina

ANSWER: Not finding out

June 7 SPONSOR: Danielle Thorne

PRIZE: (New/Sealed) The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (Widescreen DVD)

QUESTION: In Danielle Thorne’s novel, Turtle Soup, what is the name of the marine biologist who inspires Sara Hart to name her deli Turtle Soup?

(Hint: read the blurb for Turtle Soup on Danielle’s website homepage)



WINNER: Carol Rainbolt of Arizona
ANSWER: Jack Brandon

June 8 SPONSOR: Larry Hammersley

PRIZE: Lab Partners (sweet 1950’s romance), ebook

QUESTION: What are the first names of the hero and heroine in the short story Lab Partners?

(Hint: Check out “WIP Report” post for April 4, 2010)



WINNER: Mina Gerhart

ANSWER: Leroy and Jody

June 9 SPONSOR: Linda Weaver Clarke

PRIZE: Melinda and the Wild West: (historical romance, YA and adult), autographed copy

QUESTION: What was Melinda doing when she first met Gilbert and why did he act flustered and then abruptly turn and briskly stride away?

(Hint: Click on “Sample Chapters” tab, then on the book title for                            Melinda and the Wild            West to read a sample chapter.)



WINNER: Cassandra Cantrell of Utah
ANSWER: She was wading in a stream and her skirt was hiked up showing her legs and bare feet

June 10 SPONSOR: Angela Morrison

PRIZE: Taken by Storm (Penguin/Razorbill 2009), YA romance, autographed hard cover

QUESTION: A legendary LDS author of over 30 books for teens called Taken by Storm, “An amazing story written with a clear, refreshing and creative voice.” Who was it?

(Hint: check “Taken By Storm” tab)



WINNER: Diana Donahoo
ANSWER: Jack Weyland

I will post the next ten in a week.  Hope you enjoy your summer.



Margaret: Welcome back Laurie. We visited with you about Free Men and Dreamers, historical fiction, a few months ago. It looks like Awakening Avery is a different genre.

Laurie: Awakening Avery is contemporary – a nice diversion from my historical work.

Margaret: Tell us about the main storyline.

Laurie: Our lead character is an LDS author/wife and mother who gets catapulted from her comfortable support role in the family to the lead after the untimely death of her wonderful husband. Although her husband, Paul, had been slowing fading for a long time, Avery had closed her eyes to the toll his illness and death had taken on her and her family.  Her oldest son tells her he needs to get away to deal with his grief, and she is forced to face some hard truths—things are falling apart in her once perfect family, and instead of preparing for the eventuality of Paul’s death, she has been shriveling away.  Avery needs to step up and take action, a daring thing that requires her to grow and stretch in ways she never imagined.

Margaret: I hear the dedication of Awakening Avery is also very personal to you.

Laurie: It is. It reads, “To my father, Allen K. Chilcoat, the chef behind the magic of slumgolian and peanut-butter balls; and to my mother, Bernice, who kept us alive despite his kitchen exploits.”

Of all the books I’ve written, or that I will ever write, this one probably best reflects my childhood memories of my father. He is the model for George because when Dad went into the kitchen to cook we knew it was going to be an adventure.

Margaret: So Slumgolian is a real dish? You actually ate it?

Laurie: Oh yes! I think the recipe had its beginnings in Iceland where my father was stationed for a time. The men threw whatever they had into a pot and called it Slumgolian. One evening when we were camping, after a long day of crabbing in the Chesapeake Bay, my dad offered to make dinner. Mom was horrified at what was being thrown together—baked beans, chicken noodle soup, corn, peas, you name it—but Dad insisted we’d love it. It looked dreadful, but Dad’s presentation and sales pitch transformed it from slop to Slumgolian, a very exotic foreign dish.

Margaret: Sound like he was very convincing and much more of a cook than my father. What about the Kool-Aid pancakes and Peanut Butter Balls?

Laurie: Yeah, they were all my dad’s recipes.

Margaret: Yum. I remember Kook-Aid and Peanut Butter cookies my mother made – but this sounds even more fun.  Where can we find Awakening Avery? It sounds like a great gift.

Laurie: You may read the first chapter here. You can purchase it at Deseret Book and other LDS book stores.

Margaret: Thank you for dropping by. We will be looking forward to having you back when book four comes out for Free Men and Dreamers.