D.N. Giles was born in Nevada, and moved with her parents to a number of cities in and around the Midwest, mostly staying in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and snatches of time in Texas. Her future aspirations include adding a tropical island to her growing list of locations. For now, she plans to travel to as many tropical locations as possible, scouting for her future home in paradise.

Nichole  Giles’ early career plans included become a megastar actress or a rock star, but she decided instead to have a family and then become a writer, in that order. Writing is her passion, but she also loves to spend time with her family, travel, drive in the rain with the convertible top down, and play music at full volume so she can sing along. She is co-author of Mormon Mishaps and Mischief, an anthology of humorous anecdotes, which was released December 2009.  Some of her other work has been published in Highlights for Children, The Freind, and Boys’ Quest.

Nicole’s newest book “The Sharp Edge of a Knife” falls into the newest genre: Reality Fiction.

Margaret: Welcome Nichole. I met you at the ANWA Writers Conference on February 27th 2010. I was intrigued by your book “The Sharp Edge of a Knife because it is based on a true story.  How did you find out about it?

Nicole: This is actually a family story. The main character is my grandpa. I remember hearing during my childhood that he’d been kidnapped in the past. Actually, he was kidnapped or held hostage three times total in his life, which makes the story all that much more interesting to me.

Margaret: What made you want to write the story?

Nicole: After my grandpa died, I was reading his life history and this particular incident really stood out to me. I decided to write it as an article at first, but there was so much information, and so much research involved when it came to finding the facts, that it turned into a book.

Margaret: Did it require a lot of research?

Nicole: Yes, it did. I started out with a handful of newspaper articles and about two pages worth of journal accounts from my grandpa, and somewhere in the mix there was a court subpoena. From there I called the police departments involved, but because the case was so old—fifty years—they referred me to the national archives in Denver. From there, I was able to get someone to help me track down the case and all the evidence and court documents. Interestingly, the knife used in the kidnapping, as well of some of the other evidence, is still there, and will remain there forever. Or at least, that’s what I’m told.

Margaret: That’s a lot of research. Did you have to do anything else?

Nicole: No, I didn’t have to, but I felt a need to so I actually did some more digging and tracked down one of the kidnappers. I wrote him a letter, asking him about the situation, and not really expecting a response. So, I was completely shocked when a week later this guy called me and talked to me on the phone for about an hour, telling me his side of things. He was very remorseful and teary. Very apologetic. It was probably the most profound conversation I’ve ever had.

Margaret: Wow! That is amazing. How long did it take you to actually write this book?

Nicole: It was actually a fairly long process all things considered. From beginning to end, it took me almost three years to get from the inception of the idea to publication. And there was a lot that happened in between, including me working on two other major projects at the same time. All in all, though, I’m thrilled with how it turned out.

Margaret: Where can we learn more about The Sharp Edge of a Knife?

Nicole:You can read the first chapter at my website. My author bio is also there, with a few interesting facts pertaining to the story.

Margaret: And where can this book be purchased?

Nicole: Right now it’s definitely available on Amazon, and I’m told it will be in stores sometime in the next few weeks, if not already. My official book launch promotion is scheduled for March 27th from 1-3:oo pm at Eborn books in the Provo Towne Center mall in Provo Utah. It’s open to the public, and going to be lots of fun.

Margaret: That’s exciting.  Thanks for visiting with me today.