Today I have so many ideas bombarding my brain that the dust can’t settle between salvos. I’m trying to figure out how to navigate between salvos so that I won’t bury my focus. Writer’s Block? No this is Brainstorm out of control. Over the years I’ve developed the habit of carrying a notepad along wherever I go. In my purse, in the car, at my  beside, even in the john. Many bathrooms have a stack of books to read. Mine includes paper and pen to write those important fleeting thoughts down while pondering on the throne. Thoughts fly by while doing mundane tasks, so I’ll use any scrap of anything available to write on and the ever present pen or pencil tucked on top of my ear to capture them before they enter the abyss of no return. I even keep a notepad next to my laptop to jot down ideas while I’m working on different writing projects.

Now I need to line up the notes jotted down here and there, add the ones that I didn’t follow through on immediately to my to do list. I prioritize which one’s come first, which ones can wait, and which ones to file into the “when I need new direction” folder.

All the while this is happening I have the characters of my current work in progress vying for attention and arguing with other characters in my head. It becomes a little annoying when the racket doesn’t die down enough to go to sleep. It’s frustrating when they wake you up in the middle of the night. But then, I don’t want to quash them because some of the best thoughts have come when least expected or wanted.

What’s your writing challenge? Please share.