This week I got a reject letter from another publishing company. I am beginning to fear that Legend of Circle Stone may never make it to the finished book stage. Although I’ve had it professionally edited and reviewed – it isn’t getting accepted. So I’m going back to square one.

#1 – why do I write. I write because I have voices in my head that want to be heard, visions that need to come to life, and things I want to say. I write because I love it. I write because my day is not complete if I don’t.

#2 – why did I write this story, in this genre, for a middle-grade audience? One day I saw a huge beautiful moth. I felt he was magic and had a mission to accomplishment. I love to read fantasy. The protagonist – is much like me at that age.

#3 – are there any common threads in the rejections? Reviewers have told me that a.) the language is not consistent for the age group and that the vocabulary is too difficult in some places. b.) Not enough action in the beginning.

So – I guess I will pull up my writing boot-straps and rewrite it for the umpteenth time. I will research for age appropriate words and read some more middle-grade novels to catch on to what works for this age group. (In between working on my other works-in-progress.) Stripes and Carolyn have a fantastic world and wonderful message to share. Eventually I will get it right if I write, research, and re-write.