Anna del C. Dye loves reading, but had few opportunities to do so while growing up. Once married she was introduced to the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books that she admits to having collected, which collections she still retains.  They were the ones that whet her appetite. A few years ago she was introduced to Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and to J. K.Rowling’s writings, which she loves. At 19, she met and married her own Prince, moving north to Utah to start a family; she and her husband, Rodney, have four children.

Margaret: Why do you write?

Anna: My husband made me. (LOL) He said that I have too much imagination and needed to put it somewhere safe. He is awesome.

Margaret: Do you have a particular goal you aim to achieve with your writing?

Anna: To take people to a wonderful world where they can forget reality’s cold hand and safely enjoy fantasy. Life is tough and we need something to help us make it funnier and worth living. Fantasy is the way I choose to do it.

Margaret: Are the goals different for other projects?

Anna: Not really.

Margaret: What are your books titled?

Anna: The Silent Warrior Trilogy:  Book 1 The Elf and the Princess,  Book 2 Trouble in the Elf City,  and Book 3 Elfs in a conquered Realm

Margaret: What genre are your books and who is your target audience?

Anna: Fantasy. Young Adult and the young at heart.

Margaret: Was there a particular person or event that inspired you to write this story?

Anna: The last movie of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. I wanted to know more about the character’s lives and couldn’t find enough. My husband said why don’t you make your own. I answer yah right! But his answer haunted me and in three days I had the draft of The Elf and the Princess. When I told him the story he came back with a laptop and told me to write it.

Margaret: Tell us about the hero / and or Heroine in your book/s.

Anna: Adren is the heroin in the book. She’s a princess whose kingdom was destroyed for no apparent reason. She lost everything and had to learn to live in a men’s world where women are only their shadows.

And her champion the Silent Warrior. He’s a mute with extraordinary battle skills and revenge on his mind. He protects her and avenges her people. He becomes a great force against the enemy.

Margaret: Tell us about the villain. Is it a person, thing, or circumstance?

Anna: Tahitans. They are a sea people that want to enslave the rest of the races to do their work. They united with the witless Orks who are force to become their allies. One race is bloodthirsty and lazy, the other strong but witless.

Margaret: How do you discover the characteristics of your characters? Please elaborate on one or two of those.

Anna: They usually come to me with character. The name, the physic, and the personality come with the character. All I do is to note it down.

For Adren she came blond, green eyed, and small. She wants to be like the race she loves and has no problem with learning man’s work. She’s strong willed when needed, yet a gentle woman in every way. She grew up surrounded with comforts that she doesn’t mind giving up for the good people in the land and her ultimate goal… revenge.

Margaret: Do you write your book from beginning to end, or start with the end or in the middle? Why?

Anna: The Trilogy I started in the front but I have another book that it came to me in the middle, then it took form toward the front and the back. I am not sure why… they just come that way.

Margaret: After you wrote the book/s how long did it take you to get it published?

Anna: Four years the first, five the second, and six the third one. I wrote them all the same year.

Margaret: Do / did you have a contract for your series or did you have to submit each book separately?

Anna: I submitted each book separately.

Margaret: How long from the time the publisher let you know your book/s was being published until it was available on the market?

Anna: The first one took six months. The second one took ten months. The last one took seven months. It depends on how busy they are.

Margaret: Is there someone in particular that has be supportive of your writing career?

Anna: Usually Rodney takes the day off if I have a conference or fair to go. He takes care of my money and inventory. He does all my books into Kindle, PDF and search inside the book. He keeps my website up to date and much more. Like I said he is awesome!

Margaret: Where can we purchase a copy of your books?

Anna: If they are purchase from my website, you will save more and have the books signed by me.

Margaret: Have you published other books and where can we find them?

Anna: No. I have written more in the elf series and a romance series for a total of eleven books, but they are not all published.

Margaret: Thank you for visiting with us today Anna. I absolutely adore fantasy and plan to obtain your books soon so I can feed that particular sweet tooth.