Margaret: Welcome to my blog Rachael.  It’s fun to meet an author who uses a name similar to my pen name Rachel Andersen.

Rachael: I think it’s funny that I have the same name as a pen name you chose–talk about a crazy coincidence. Although with the last name of Anderson, I figured there would be other Rachel’s out there, so I included my middle name as well. However, when you say it out loud, Rachael Renee Anderson sounds like a mouthful.

Margaret: What is your book’s name?

Rachael:Divinely Designed

Margaret: What genre is your book and who is your target audience?

Rachael: It’s a light-hearted romance, so I can’t imagine any man wanting to pick up a copy. His wife might like it though, or a teenage daughter.

Margaret: Sounds like Chick Lit. Was there a particular person or event that inspired you to write this story?

Rachael: Not particularly. I simply tried to write a book that I would want to pick up in a bookstore.

Margaret: Great Idea. I might try that next time. Tell us about the hero / and or Heroine in your book.
Kennedy Jackson is independent, fun, witty, nosy, and interfering–taking it upon herself to solve the problems of others, whether or not they want the help.

Margaret: Tell us about the villain.  Is it a person, thing, or circumstance?
Villian….hmmmmmm….I suppose that would have to be Shauna, Kennedy’s supervisor. Basically, she’s a brat who gives Kennedy a difficult time from the get-go.

Margaret: Did you give one or more of the characters some of your own characteristics? If so please elaborate on one or two of those.

Rachael: Probably not any physical characteristics, but I think it’s difficult to write about characters without some of your own personality showing through, or personality traits of people you know. Writing what you know, and all that.

Margaret: Did you write your book from beginning to end, or start with the end or in the middle? Why?

Rachael: Beginning to end, most definitely, otherwise there is no way I could keep it all straight. I am in awe of those authors who can work on more than one book at a time. I would be a mixed-up mess should I attempt something of the sort.

Margaret: After you wrote the book, how long did it take you to get it published?

Rachael: I heard from the publisher about 6 weeks after I submitted the manuscript. However, this was after several months of revisions and corrections.

Margaret: Have you been published before?
No. This was the the first book I’ve written.

Margaret: How long from the time the publisher let you know your book was being published until it was available on the market?

Rachael: About ten months. It seemed like years, though.

Margaret: Who was the first person you told when you found out your book was being published?

Rachael: I was actually on the phone with my husband when I clicked open the email. Whatever he was saying faded into the background as I read the message. I read it again…and again…until it finally sunk in. Then I rudely interrupted my him with, “Jeff, Jeff, Jeff! Listen to this!…” I don’t think I stopped smiling for months.

Margaret: I know that feeling. With my first novel coming out by March I can’t wipe the grin off my face either – even though the subject is very serious.  Back to your story:  Where can we purchase a copy of your book?

Rachael: Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Utah Costco’s, & Deseret Book. I haven’t seen it at Seagull Book yet.

Margaret: Have you published other books and where can we find them?

Rachael: Not yet, although I’m currently revising my second novel, so hopefully soon.

Margaret: Thank you for dropping by and sharing your a little about yourself and your book with us. Rachael. I’ll find me a copy of Divinely Designed to curl up with on a rainy afternoon. I wish you the best of of success in the future.

Rachael: Thanks for the interview, Margaret! You’re wonderful!