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Anna del C. Dye loves reading, but had few opportunities to do so while growing up. Once married she was introduced to the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books that she admits to having collected, which collections she still retains.  They were the ones that whet her appetite. A few years ago she was introduced to Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and to J. K.Rowling’s writings, which she loves. At 19, she met and married her own Prince, moving north to Utah to start a family; she and her husband, Rodney, have four children.

Margaret: Why do you write?

Anna: My husband made me. (LOL) He said that I have too much imagination and needed to put it somewhere safe. He is awesome.

Margaret: Do you have a particular goal you aim to achieve with your writing?

Anna: To take people to a wonderful world where they can forget reality’s cold hand and safely enjoy fantasy. Life is tough and we need something to help us make it funnier and worth living. Fantasy is the way I choose to do it.

Margaret: Are the goals different for other projects?

Anna: Not really.

Margaret: What are your books titled?

Anna: The Silent Warrior Trilogy:  Book 1 The Elf and the Princess,  Book 2 Trouble in the Elf City,  and Book 3 Elfs in a conquered Realm

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Margaret: Welcome to my blog Rachael.  It’s fun to meet an author who uses a name similar to my pen name Rachel Andersen.

Rachael: I think it’s funny that I have the same name as a pen name you chose–talk about a crazy coincidence. Although with the last name of Anderson, I figured there would be other Rachel’s out there, so I included my middle name as well. However, when you say it out loud, Rachael Renee Anderson sounds like a mouthful.

Margaret: What is your book’s name?

Rachael:Divinely Designed

Margaret: What genre is your book and who is your target audience?

Rachael: It’s a light-hearted romance, so I can’t imagine any man wanting to pick up a copy. His wife might like it though, or a teenage daughter.

Margaret: Sounds like Chick Lit. Was there a particular person or event that inspired you to write this story?

Rachael: Not particularly. I simply tried to write a book that I would want to pick up in a bookstore.

Margaret: Great Idea. I might try that next time. Tell us about the hero / and or Heroine in your book.
Kennedy Jackson is independent, fun, witty, nosy, and interfering–taking it upon herself to solve the problems of others, whether or not they want the help.

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