Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” has become an icon. The season isn’t complete for me without seeing at least one version of this movie.  Another wonderful Christmas story started with a father trying to comfort his daughter.
I invited writers to submit their short Christmas stories. I have posted a story on the Save the Child website.
I received two entries and have posted them on their own page: Christmas Stories Submitted in 2009.

Last but not least I am posting another scene from Save the Child.

It was the Saturday before Easter, Sharon was four. Nancy’s family had come over to color eggs and have an Easter egg hunt. Robert held Baby Benjamin while watching a preseason baseball game on TV. Nancy helped Abby dip her eggs into the dye. Phyllis wondered where Sharon had slipped off to. It was so quiet in the rest of the house she wondered if she’d curled up in a corner and fallen asleep.

She found her sweet blond little sprite curled up in the bedroom she had converted into a playroom for the girls. The toy box lid was open and all the clothes and animals were out on the floor. As she come closer she noticed Sharon had pulled the spare blankets and quilts out of the closet as well. Her granddaughter had a vivid imagination. Many hours were wiled away playing in her fantasy worlds.

As Phyllis looked down at Sharon she realized that today she had created her own version of the holiday.

Sharon had taken the animals and set them out in groups of three or four.  Then she found empty flower boxes and set them down on the floor.  Sharon stuffed one of the flower boxes with the green plastic grass from one of the Easter Baskets.  She found one of the bald, naked dolls, and wrapped it in an old T-shirt, then placed it in the flower box.

Next Sharon took the large white bear with valentine heart stamped feet and dressed it with an old blue baby blanket and set it next to the flower box.  On the other side she placed the Koala bear draped in a ragged striped towel and placed a gold scrunchie on his head.

Sharon moved the chicks down front and center and took two velveteen bunnies and put them in the bed with the baby doll.  Dogs and cats with missing ears, and eyes lined the perimeter and the lamb that was flat due to a loss of stuffing lay next to the Koala.

The best part of playing at Grandma’s was dress up.  Most often Sharon pretended to be a princess.  This time was different.  She’d found a white dress and slipped it over her clothes.  Next she found some white fluffy slippers and put them on, even though they were size 8 adult, and she was barely children’s size three tall.  She found some gold star garland and twisted it around her hair and down her pigtails.  Sharon had created what looked like a nativity.

At the time, Phyllis wondered if Sharon had gotten her holiday seasons mixed up.

Then she decided Sharon was had done an exceptional job of doing it right.