I love Christmas Stories. I like to read them year around. I just finished reading Matchless by Gregory Maguire. He wrote this story for NPR 2008. It is a wonderful combination of Andersen’s Little Match Girl with his own magical tale.

As much as I love to read books by famous and well known authors I love to read stories by new, blossoming writers. I would like to invite anyone who cares to share a short Christmas story with me here during the first part of the month of December. This is not a contest. There are no prizes. There is no entry fee. There are no restrictions other than I request that the stories be family friendly.If your story is too large to copy and paste into the comments, please leave me a message that you will e-mail the story to me as an attachment to musicnurse68@yahoo.com with your email address so I can make sure I received it.  After the 20th I will combine them into an electronic book that we can share with our friends and family this holiday by Christmas Eve.
I hope this season will be blessed with love, kindness and generosity as remember the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas.